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Kim Fuller - Fuller Life Challenge

Kim Fuller is a licensed marriage and family therapist, author, and certified professional life and business coach. She is CEO and founder of Fuller Life Concepts, Inc. whose mission is to improve the lives of women by helping them Enjoy life after trauma and eliminate the need to pretend life is “fine” when it is not. Her programs and services provide an environment to heal both mind and body through mental health interventions, individual coaching ALL IN accountability groups™ and exclusive retreats that actively encourage self-care. She shares her life changing trauma and turning point in the best-selling book, Mommy Divas on the Move: 16 Essential Secrets for Momprenreurs.


Morgen Humes started her career in the organizational psychology department of an international technology company. Next, she was a founding employee for a small management consulting start-up. In keeping with her abiding passion for supporting organizations that make a positive social impact, she left the for-profit world to go back to school to earn her Master’s in Social Welfare, Management and Planning, from UC Berkeley (2000). She then worked as an independent nonprofit consultant and, later, project coordinator for a federal wraparound demonstration project.

During the following seven years, Morgen was part of the executive leadership team of Seneca Family of Agencies, which serves vulnerable children and families. As the director of Training and Research and the Co-Director of Strategic Initiatives at Seneca she managed several large training contracts, helped write successful grants and developed collaborative relationships with community, county, and state partners. In addition to bringing excellent experience to any endeavor, she brings a positive attitude as well as a natural inclination to accomplish goals and solve problems creatively.

Throughout her working life, she always found time to volunteer. She continues this tradition as the development committee chair for the board of directors of Alameda County Crisis Support Services, a board member for FOGG Theatre Company and the School Site Council chair for Yick Wo Elementary School in San Francisco. Not long after the birth of her second child, she began consulting again in order to better integrate her passion for supporting the work of nonprofits with motherhood and her dedication to community involvement. She has worked closely with Beverly Kyer in many capacities since 2008 and is excited to support organizations receiving trainings from The Kyer Group.

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Ellen Morrison, LCSW and professional facilitator is dedicated to addressing the prevention and impact of vicarious trauma from the perspective of her own struggle and healing experience in addition to her nearly twenty years working in community mental health working with families and their children focused on integrating mental health services with strategies that interrupt cycles of trauma and oppression.

Utilizing a participatory pedagogical approach, Ellen has developed curriculum and facilitated learning across diverse groups in educational, clinical, organizational and social service settings that are relevant and experiential. She leads training relevant to navigating the complexities of organizations and human behavior including cultural humility, trauma, attachment, restorative practices, team decision making, play/expressive arts and systems interventions. She has also led a large agency training department committed to the integration of trauma informed care.

Ellen received her graduate training in Social Work from SFSU, culminating in the study of Power Dynamics in Cross-Cultural Supervision and continues to bring attention to the analysis of power as a core element of interpersonal and social change.  She has been trained by some of the leaders in the field including the Child Trauma Institute and Child Trauma Academy. She currently serves as a board member of Diversity 2000: a non-profit and community dedicated to the development of diverse equity, inclusion and social justice leaders, thinkers and practitioners.  Ellen currently has a psychotherapy and consultation practice serving families, couples, groups, individuals and local organizations.


Gabriel Kram helps professionals develop greater wellbeing, emotional balance, and overcome the effects of toxic stress and vicarious trauma through the development of a trauma-informed approach to mindful awareness. He also has extensive experience helping youth develop the inner life skills of mindfulness and self-awareness, and training providers in a neurobiologically-savvy mindfulness approach to working with young people. Gabriel has a deep and abiding interest in and practice of mindfulness, emotional self-awareness, and somatics work. Over the past eighteen years, these modalities have transformed his life, and he is committed to training organizations and individuals in these tools to transform quality of life and organizational culture. He is the founder of Applied Mindfulness, Inc., an intervention design, training, and consulting firm that provides transformative experiential training to empower clients of all ages to discover and cultivate the inner resources, tools, and competencies to live healthier, more fulfilling, and effective lives. He previously directed The Mind Body Awareness Project, whose innovative mindfulness-based interventions for incarcerated youth are being scaled into new national models of rehabilitation, and are the subject of both dissertations and peer-review journal articles. Gabriel studied neurobiology at Yale College, and narrative at Stanford University. He brings a reverence for indigenous culture, eighteen years of mindfulness practice, ten years of mindful movement, and a lifetime of wilderness exploration, nature awareness, and creative expression to his work. He is the author of Inner Life Skills for Youth and Transformation through Feeling: Awakening the Felt Sensibility.


Marcus Lorenzo Penn, MD, CYT brings over 10 years of experience working with diverse populations and age groups as a health and wellness consultant. He has a strong passion for informing people about holistic modalities that support living a healthier life. In this role Dr. Penn helps populations become informed of their own health and empowers them to adopt healthy behaviors that lead to their healing.

Dr. Penn is a certified yoga teacher in the Raja and Hatha yoga styles receiving training through a two-year 200hr RYT Integral Health Fellowship with the Niroga Institute in Berkeley, CA. He has facilitated many weekly yoga classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.  As the founder and CEO of Self Care Reform Wellness (, he focuses on providing tools and strategies for self-awareness, mindfulness, personal transformation, stress reduction and lifestyle change for individual, group and organizational clients.

Dr. Penn is a native of San Francisco and currently lives in Oakland. Harnessing his many talents as a self-care coach, yoga teacher, wellness consultant, workshop facilitator, poet, author, and speaker, Dr. Penn is passionate about living, seeing and moving through life fully and helping others do the same.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Minor in German Studies from Morehouse College in Atlanta, with honors, Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Dr. Penn received his M.D. from Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C. and then went on to continue his medical training at Alameda County Medical Center Highland Hospital in Oakland.