Reconnecting with Special People AND OUR LIVES.


Yesterday I enjoyed an annual reunion with two of my dearest sister friends. One a Retired Educator took the Amtrak up from Central California. The other, a Retired Social Worker fly’s in from the East Coast to spend a week each year with family and reserves this day for our sisterhood get together. I, a Social Worker & Entrepreneur, drive from my home to meet them in Jack London Square. We enjoy coffee and conversation (mostly admiring how marvelous we still look after these many years) in café, then walk to a favorite restaurant we have enjoyed for 21 years for our customary 4-hour lunch and conversations. The manager; always happy to see us again welcomes us, dotes on us and takes pictures of us for keep sakes.

We spend some time bemoaning and bemusing that current state of affairs in the country and around the world. We always share our profoundly wise and brilliant ideas about how to make things better. Mostly we reminisce about what we have come though and the fact that we are still standing strong; very funny stories from our past; the triumphs and joys we have experienced; the gratitude we feel and the hopes we mutually and individually have for our futures.


This ritual has been important for us; to me on so many levels. For me it is life lifting to look forward to this precious time especially in those moments when I am bogged down in a pressure cooker of concerns and responsibilities. It is especially important that I have this gift of deeply connected friendships to break from the all-consuming nature of the work that we do in service to those in need. This reconnects me to my life.
Our lives are to be held in honor; attended to; cherished and preserved. This is the foundation; glue if you will, that sustains us to do the awesome service that we give to others.

I actually reconnect more than once a year. I am diligently working on many opportunities with various family and friends throughout the year and I hope you will too. We may not always be able to make long distance trips, but you can always make a HAPPY call, send a card that says “I’m thinking of you”.

Don’t over think this, just do it. Having a career is NOT the same as having a life. Reconnect today!

Beverly Kyer

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